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West Palm Beach Bike Trial Guide - Copyrighted
South Florida has excellent recreation trails to enjoy.

  Welcome to Palm Beach Trail Guide.  Thank you for visiting.

  Biking, in-line skating, running and walking are a great ways to enjoy South Florida's great scenery and weather.  The challenge in car-obsessed Florida is to find places to exercise away from traffic congestion.  
  This is a listing of recreation-only paths (both paved and dirt) that will get you away from traffic dangers.  This site includes dozens of original trail photos, maps and key South Florida trail links.  The locations below are listed by location, starting in to the north and ending to the south.
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Stuart - Tequesta - Jupiter Area Trails
        West Palm Beach Area Trails
        Boca Raton Trails
        Vero Beach - Fort Pierce Trails
        Fort Lauderdale Area Trails
        Miami Area Trails
        Everglades Area Trails
        South Florida Trail Links

    Personal Safety:  South Florida experiences an unusually high number of biking and running related fatal crashes.  Florida car drivers are poor and bikers/joggers are abundant.  You are well advised to be extra cautious at all timesPalm Beach Trail Guide strongly urges making your personal safety a priority.  Please use appropriate safety equipment such as helmets, lights, reflective vests and pads.
    Please see the special section on personal safety at the bottom of this page.

Note:  This page contains several high resolution, large size photographs.  As such this these  pictures may take extra time to download, especially with a dial-up internet connection.  If some pictures are missing, click your browser's "Refresh" button.


Jupiter, Florida Bike Trails - Copyrighted
Jonathan Dickinson State Park offers great hiking and off-road bike trials.

Jonathan Dickinson State Park
16450 S.E. Federal Highway (U.S. 1)
Hobe Sound, Fl 33455
(772) 546-2771

Directions:  The Park is located on U.S. 1 seven miles north of Jupiter and twelve miles south of Stuart.  Take I-95 to the Jupiter exit (Indiantown Road).  Head east on Indiantown Road until you reach U.S. 1, then head north.  The park entrance on the west side of U.S. 1.  After entering the park, make a right at the first stop sign.  Park at the “Camp Murphy” area.  The off road trails are located here.  The paved trail is down the road about 100 yards at the railroad crossing. 

Fees:  A nominal “State Park Daily Use” entrance fee is charged.  It makes sense to buy the State Park Annual Pass if you plan to visit more than a couple of times.

  Jonathan Dickinson Park offers great dirt paths and limited paved trails. The longest paved trail runs a couple of miles.  It's an old road that parallels a railroad track.  Note that this paved trail is acceptable for biking and walking, but frequently has debris that can make it tough for skaters.
  There are 6 miles of off road trails that are maintained by a local mountain bike club (volunteers welcome, see link below.)  The dirt paths range from beginner to advanced.  The 11,500 acre park offers camping, cabins, canoes and a tour of the Loxahatchee River.  This is a “must see” Florida park. 
  Note that the park is home alligators and poisonous plants.

PHOTOS #1:  Click here to see pictures of Dickinson Park paved recreation trails

PHOTOS #2:  Click here to see pictures of Dickinson Park mountain biking trails

More Information On Jonathan Dickinson Park
Dickinson Park Official Bike Trail Map
Dickinson Park Hiking & Biking Trail Map
Dickinson Park Bike Trail Information
Dickinson Park Trail Reviews
Dickinson Park Off Road Bike Trail Photographs
Dickinson Park General Information
Dickinson Park Camp Murphy Mountain Bike Club: Club Scrub


Main Road Through Jupiter Island (East Of Tequesta/Hobe Sound Area)
Wide paths and preserve trails throughout the Abacoa development in Jupiter.


Palm Beach, Florida Bike Path - Copyrighted
The famous Palm Beach Lake Trail has water on one side, mansions on the other.

Palm Beach Lake Trail (on “The Island”)

Quadrille Bridge & The Intercoastal Waterway
Palm Beach

Directions:  Part of the Palm Beach mystique is that there aren't any road signs directing people to the Island.  Here's how to do it. Take I-95 to Palm Beach Lakes.   Head east on Palm Beach Lakes to Dixie Highway (aka US 1).  Turn right (south) on Dixie Highway (US 1) to Quadrille.  Turn left (east) on Quadrille and cross the north bridge to Palm Beach Island.  Take the first left once you come over the bridge.  You will be in the area of the Palm Beach Publix supermarket.  Park on any of the streets near Publix, and then head one block west to the Trail.  The trail can be accessed at the end of any of the cul-de-sac streets in this area.  The Lake Trail runs north along the shoreline between the Intercoastal Waterway/Lake Worth Lagoon and the Palm Beach homes.

Fees:  Access to this public trail is free.

  The Palm Beach Lake Trail is extraordinary.  It is a wide paved path restricted to pedestrians, skaters and bikers.  The trail offers beautiful views of the Intercoastal Waterway, downtown West Palm Beach and of the homes on Palm Beach.
  Palm Beach founder Henry Flagler built the Lake Trail in 1894 as a place for his hotel guests to stroll.  Along the Lake Trail you can see Flagler's first house from 1886 (“Sea Gull Cottage”), a large kapok tree at 8 South Lake Trail (notable for its unusual roots) and Flagler’s Whitehall mansion.
  Lake Trail runs about 5 miles north from the Publix area (mentioned in the directions above.)  Drinking fountains can be found at the trail's beginning near the Quadrille Bridge. 
  At the northern end of the trail you can work your way northeast through the neighborhood streets to find a small public boat dock with excellent views of Peanut Island and the Lake Worth/Palm Beach Inlet.
  There is a 10 MPH speed limit on the trail.  It is popular and sometimes crowded.  Because it's Palm Beach, many of the people using the trail are unusually well dressed and polite.   Visitors should dress and act appropriately.
  A second trail on Palm Beach runs about 1.5 miles.  It starts at Wells Road and runs along North County Road.  It ends at the Palm Beach Country Club.
   Another 3-mile path begins at Ibis Isle.  It runs south and ends at the town of Lantana.

PHOTOS:  Click here to see pictures of the Palm Beach Lake Trail

More Information
Palm Beach Lake Trail Bike Route Map
Bike & Boat Tour Of Palm Beach
Peanut Island Information

West Palm Beach Running - Copyrighted
The Flagler Drive trail runs through downtown West Palm Beach.

Downtown West Palm Beach - Flagler Drive
Flagler Drive
Downtown West Palm Beach, FL
(Central Palm Beach County)

  I-95 to Palm Beach Lakes Blvd.  Head east until you get to Flagler Drive.  
Park on nearby side streets.  The path runs from this area 2-3 miles south, through the downtown skyline of West Palm Beach.  

See this area on a map

Fees: There is no admission charge.

  The trail is a wide sidewalk that is separated from auto traffic.  It parallels the Intercoastal Waterway through the downtown West Palm Beach.   This is the street that is used for the Palm Beach Boat Show each March and Sun Fest each May.  It is a beautiful trail!

PHOTOS #1:  Click here for pictures of the Flagler Drive Trail

PHOTOS #2:  Click here for Skyline pictures of the Flagler Drive Trail

Singer Island Bike Route - Copyrighted
Singer Island offers several miles of mangroves, beach and condo towers.

Singer Island Trail & John D. MacArthur Beach State Park
North Ocean Drive (also called A1A and SR 703)
Singer Island, FL (northeast-central Palm Beach County)

  From the south:  I-95 to Blue Heron Blvd.  Head east until you cross the large bridge over the Intercoastal Waterway.  This puts you at Phil Foster Park on the south end of Singer Island.
  From the north:  I-95 to PGA Blvd.  Head east until you get to John D. MacArthur Beach State Park.  This puts you on the north end of Singer Island.

  There are 2 miles of car-free dedicated paved trail on the north end of Singer Island.  The path runs between Ocean Reef County Park to the south and John D. MacArthur Beach State Park to the north.  The trail is a wide sidewalk (separated from traffic) that runs along the west side of North Ocean Drive.   There are views of Lake Worth Lagoon/Intercoastal Waterway and picturesque bridges over Lake Worth Cove in the MacArthur Park area.
  Parking can be a problem. It's best to park along North Ocean Drive just south or MacArthur Park (near the bridges) or at MacArthur Park itself (a small daily use fee applies.)  To the south, park at Ocean Reef County Park (it's free, though this will require you to deal with a couple blocks of cross traffic.)
  If traffic does not bother you, the paved Singer Island Trail runs the full distance of Singer Island.  You can park at Phil Foster Park on Blue Heron Blvd. and head north to MacArthur Park (3.5 miles.)  You may even want to ride up to the top of the Blue Heron Bridge... the view is spectacular!  
If you want to go even further north, the road includes a bike lane north of MacArthur Park.
  I recommend a visit to MacArthur park.  There is a beautiful 1600' boardwalk over Lake Worth Cove.  It joins a quarter mile long dirt path near the incredible beach.

PHOTOS #1:  Click here to see photos of the Singer Island Trail.

PHOTOS #2:  Click here to see pictures of the John D. MacArthur Beach State Park Trails.

More Information:
Kayaking At John D. MacArthur Park, Munyon Island
See Trail Area On Map
Overview Of MacArthur Park
John D. MacArthur Beach State Park Home Page
Friends Of John D. MacArthur Beach State Park
Photos Of Ocean Reef Park (Just South Of MacArthur Park)
Nearby Blue Heron Bridge Snorkeling & Shore Diving
History: Nude Beach & Sunbathing At MacArthur Park: "Air Force Beach"

Mount Trashmore Trail - Copyrighted
Dyer Park features miles of trails.

Dyer County Park

7301 Haverhill Road
West Palm Beach, FL (West Riviera Beach Area)
(561) 966-6600

Directions:  I-95 to Blue Heron Blvd.  Head west on Blue Heron towards the big pink VA Hospital.  When you reach the hospital, Blue Heron ends at the Bee Line.  Turn right on the Bee Line (north) to the first stoplight (Haverhill Road).  Turn left onto Haverhill Road, then make an immediate right into Dyer Park.  Drive to the very back of the Park and park near the soccer fields. 

Fees: There is no admission charge.

  Dyer Park is built atop an old trash dump.  It features four miles of wide paved paths and a flat, five mile unpaved loop trail around the Park's perimeter.  It also features dirt trails cut into the side of “Mount Trashmore." Mountain bikers like these trails for physical conditioning.
  Almost 6 million dollars were spent turning Dyer Park from a 400 acre dump into a park.  12,000 native trees were relocated there.   Lakes, ball fields, picnic shelters, restroom facilities, an equestrian trail and a model airplane airfield were added to create what is now a very nice place.  
  It's interesting to note that some of the pavement actually contains broken bits of glass.  I assume this is recycled material from the nearby recycling center used as aggregate for the asphalt.  The glass is especially noticeable if you have polarized sunglasses!
  Note: The facilities are fairly new and generally very nice.  There are signs warning visitors to secure their valuables, a indication that theft has been a problem.  I have seen plenty of police and park workers there during the day. The park appears to be as safe as any other.  There are also signs warning that alligators can be found in the lakes.

PHOTOS:  Click here to see pictures of Dyer Park Trails

More Information On Dyer Park
See Dyer Park Location On A Map
Dyer Park Trail Reviews
Additional Dyer Park Trail Information

Additional Dyer Park Information

West Palm Beach Bike Trial Guide - Copyrighted
West Palm Beach's VA Hospital has a great walking trail.

West Palm Beach Veterans Hospital
7305 N. Military Trail  (Blue Heron Blvd. & Military Trail)
West Palm Beach, FL 33410

  I-95 to Blue Heron Blvd.  Head west on Blue Heron to the big pink VA Hospital.   The Hospital is by far the largest building around... you can't miss it!  Park in one of the outermost visitor/patient parking lots adjacent to the paved trail.  Click here for computerized driving directions from your location.

Fees: There is no admission charge.

  The West Palm Beach Veterans Administration Medical Center is one of the newest and nicest VA Hospitals anywhere.  There is a narrow, two-mile paved trail around the perimeter.  The path and grounds are very well kept.  The trail is only lightly used by patients and staff.  Be sure to yield to the hospital folks if you see them.  Note that because this is a Federal facility, security is usually seen here.  The gates may be shut during times of crisis.
  The Hospital path is good for walking and wheelchairs.  For biking and skating, Dyer Park (information above) is very close by and a better choice.  "Para-course" exercise equipment stations can be found along the Hospital trail.   Emergency call boxes are also located along the the path.  Inside the Hospital there is a nice food court and restroom facilities.

PHOTOS #1: Hospital Trail pictures

PHOTOS #2: Hospital Parcourse Equipment alongside the Trail

More Information On The West Palm Beach Veterans Administration Hospital
VA  Web Site

West Palm Beach Bike Trial Guide - Copyrighted
Okeeheelee Park has paved trails and a BMX track.

Okeeheelee County Park
7715 Forest Hill Blvd.
West Palm Beach, FL FL 33413
(561) 966-6600

Location:  Forest Hill & Florida's Turnpike.

 Admission is free.

  Six mile paved path, plus a dedicated BMX track.   Okeeheelee is a large and popular park.  Park amenities include golf course, water ski park, nature center, racquetball, canoeing and equestrian trail.

PHOTOS #1:  See Okeeheelee trail photos

PHOTOS #2:  See Okeeheelee BMX Track photos

PHOTOS #3:  See Okeeheelee boat and water ski facilities

  There are additional off-road trails in the immediate area (though not within the park itself.)  The trails are located east
of Pinehurst Road, between Forest Hill Boulevard and Lake Worth Road.
Pinehurst Tail Information
Cholee Trail Information

More Information On Okeeheelee Park
Okeeheelee Park Location On Map
Okeeheelee Park General Photos
Additional Okeeheelee Park General Photos
Bike Rentals At Okeeheelee Park
Okeeheelee Park General Information
Reviews Of Okeeheelee Park
Satellite Photo Of Okeeheelee Park
Okeeheelee BMX

John Prince County Park & Campground
2700 6th Ave. S.
4759 S. Congress Ave.,
2520 Lake Worth Rd
Lake Worth, FL 33461
(561) 966-6600

Directions: I-95 to Lantana Road.  Head west half a mile to Lake Osborne Drive. Turn right on Lake Osborne Drive (It comes up fast... turn right before you get to the Lake.)  Park along Lake Osborne Drive on the east side of the lake or near the north entrances from Lake Worth Road.

Fees:  Admission is free.

  John Prince Park has five mile paved trail around Lake Osborne.  Watch out for alligators.
  Park amenities include a campground, water-skiing, batting cages, miniature golf, tennis courts and sailboat rentals.

More Information On John Prince Park
John Prince Park Map

Quantum Office Park
Boynton Beach

There are off road trails north of the Quantum Office Park.
Click here for more information on bike trails near Quantum Office Park in Boynton Beach.

South County Regional County Park
11200 Park Access Road
Boca Raton, FL

South County Regional Park features a two mile path through the park.  
See South County Regional Park on a map.

Glades Pioneer County Park
866 SR 715
Belle Glade, FL
(561) 924-2728

Glades Pioneer Park features a one mile path.  
Click here for more information on Glades Pioneer Park.

Indiantown:  DuPuis Reserve State Forest

23500 SW Kanner Highway
Canal Point, FL., 33438

DuPuis Reserve State Forest offers 25 miles of paved and unpaved trails in western Palm Beach County.
Click here for more information on DuPuis Reserve State Forest bike trails.

Excellent "Near Traffic" West Palm Beach Area Paths
Waterside Paths Along A1A in West Palm Beach from Southern Boulevard north to Jupiter (approximately 20 miles).
Waterside Path Along Flagler Drive in downtown West Palm Beach (Approximately 3 miles)
Waterside Paths Along A1A in Boca Raton from Camino Real north to Lake Worth Road (approximately 5 miles).
Main Road Through Jupiter Island (East Of Tequesta/Hobe Sound Area)
Wide paths and preserve trails throughout the Abacoa development in Jupiter.

Car-Free Trails: North - Vero Beach & Fort Pierce Area
Vero Beach/Yeehaw Junction: Connect-A-Dot Trail
Vero Beach: First Street Southwest Trail
Fort Pierce: Trails

Fort Pierce: The Fort Pierce Trail Home Page

Car-Free Trails: South - Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Everglades

Deerfield Beach: Quiet Waters Park

Pampano Beach:  Backwoods Of Pampano Landfill
Fort Lauderdale: Markham Park
Fort Lauderdale: Rattle Snake Ridge
Fort Lauderdale: Urban Trail
Hialeah: Amelia Earheart Park
North Miami Beach: Oleta River State Park
Miami: Miami Mountain
Miami: Snapper Creek
Miami: Thompson Park
Miami: Tropical Park
Everglades/Miami:  Shark Valley
Homestead: Flamingo Road
Florida City: Southern Glades Trail

Useful South Florida Trail Articles
Article: South Florida's Best Biking Trails (Miami Herald)
Article: South Florida Family Bike Rides (South Florida Parenting Magazine)

Useful South Florida Trail Links
Biking In Florida

Florida Mountain Bike Guide

Review Of Florida Mountain Biking Trails
Florida Campgrounds Near Mountain Bike Trails
How To Maintain An Off-Road Bike Trail
Forum: Mountain Bike Forum-RideMonkey
West Palm Beach Area Guided Bike Tours & Bike Rentals - Excellent For Visitors!

  Palm Beach Trail Guide urges you to make your personal safety a priority.  Bring a cell phone (preprogrammed with local emergency numbers).  Cyclists should wear a bright colored helmet
60% of all bike accidents in Florida are caused by cyclists riding at night without lights.  Use LED-based headlights and flashing taillights.  Use lighting at dusk and dawn as well as nighttime.  Use reflectors, reflective tape and refelctive clothing.  Wear bright colored clothes.  Use a bell or horn to politely warn others of your presence.  Learn riding techniques to avoid crashes with cars.  Carry animal replellent or pepper spray if appropriate.
  TIPMany old cell phones can still can call 9-1-1, even if they doesn't currently have monthly service.  Keep fully charged old cell phones in your car and on your bike in case you need to call for help.  If you don't have an old phone, buy one at a yard sale or thrift store.

      How To Not Get Hit By Cars:  RECOMMENDED: Excellent article on how cyclists can avoid getting hit.

      Bicycle Bells, Horns & Whistles:  GORP article on sound producing safety equipment.

      What To Teach Children About Bike Safety:  Key safety information for children.

  If you love Florida and are considering moving here, click here.  This link takes you to Moving To Florida: Relocation Tips, which is my advice page for those considering a move to the Sunshine State.  It provides information on where to live, the Florida lifestyle and some of the "surprises" you may encounter moving to Florida.


  Click here to see information for kayaking & canoeing the local waterways.


  Please feel free to be in touch with any questions or share your South Florida trail information.  Click here for contact information.

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